What would you prefer an Arranged Marriage or a Love Marriage

I am asking this question with specific context and hence staying single wont be an answer  Every grown up Man or Woman decides to get married and find a match to make their life complete then they start family and live their life happily (?) I want to extend this analogy to another important choice we make in our life and that choice is about our profession, about our career. So let me ask the question once again in the newer context, would you prefer an arrange marriage ( Employment ) or love marriage ( Entrepreneurial venture ) Most of the parents at least of my generation were never comfortable with the love marriages I mean let it be in the literal sense or in the symbolic meaning the term used here that is starting an Entrepreneurial venture ( Love Marriage)  or a finding a job ( Arranged Marriage)  they always wished their Boy or Girl must

study hard, pick up all the good traits of the clan and safely marry a nice Girl or Boy well in time and that too from the same religion, caste or creed to extend this corollary get employed with an established employer which is considered as a safe bait. I have seen in my generation kids of doctors becoming doctors and kinds of lawyers becoming lawyers and the same goes with typical middle class families wherein kinds of LDCs ( Lower Divisional Clerck ) becoming LDCs and the kids of Bank Clerk becoming Bank Clerks. Business was always considered as something risky was not preferred by middle class career aspiring youth. Govt of Bank employees or teachers were used to get considered as golden goose by the fathers of marriage ready daughters. Please evaluate an attempt made by me to understand the deemed relationship between marriages and careers.

Arranged Marriage / Employment Love Marriage/ Entrepreneurship 
Normally decided by parents wherein the Boy/Girl concerned don’t have any say Initiated by courageous & rebellious kids who wanted to do something different than the conventional. 
Supported by Family and Friends Most of the time not supported by family and friends  
When marriage/employment receives turbulence family readily supports as they feel its their responsibility to help Often sidelined by family and relatives during troubled waters as they feel that one must face the consequences of choosing a different path   
Largely successful or at least deemed to be successful as most of the time hollow or broken marriages and dissatisfied employees just pull on considering what they are getting is their fate  Whatever happens the result is wide visible. People don’t hide their failures and those who make it really make it big.

By the way I am not implying here that one marriage or one type of livelihood is more valuable than the other  what I am simply trying to say is we need both kind of marriages and livelihoods to keep our society and country ticking. We need entrepreneurs or love birds who keeps on taking risks and making our life better by their enterprises and their start up ventures and we also need all those arranged marriages wherein there would be stability and constant supply of workforce to the entrepreneurial engine.  

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