A Mobile App which will help you to eat right !!!

So whats the pain area ??


If you are happily married like me for last few years you must be dreading to answer following question every day आज जेवायला काय करू ? translated for my Non Marathi friends What should I cook for the dinner tonight ? in fact it could be one of the triggers for you know what ?  however when you look at the core issue, the question is really genuine and its really tough to decide what to do every day for the homemaker !! and if she is a working professional then its indeed a huge pain area as she also need to juggle between her work, shopping for vegetables and consumables and still be creative enough to cook something unique everyday. Your family is also made up of diverse tastes and ages wherein your growing son needs food which can nourish his body ( and not just his taste buds  your ageing parents require different kind of food mix and you and your spouse are struggling with the ever increasing kilos and grams which warrants for a balanced diet.


To live a healthy life you need to plan a complete and balanced food intake. Most of us follow the traditional eating habits which are settled in the respective culture based on the respective geographies. Though recently we have started venturing into other food tastes however thats still at a very less frequent behaviour mostly on the weekends or during holidays when we try some Chinese, Italian or continental preparations. We don’t do this on day to day basis and during our routine we stick to our staple food. Our routine food habits had been built over a long period of time based on our life style. If you notice though our staple food contents or ingredients have hardly changed however our life style has seen a huge change in last few decades. These days we don’t do much of physical work our ancestors use to do in the past, now we are more involved in sitting jobs which doesn’t help to burn calories. Our work schedules leave little scope for doing physical exercises which will help burring the extra calories which makes us overweight and invites more health related complications.

Now you know where I am getting at, if we need to continue to live healthily and stay away from any aliments and when exercising is not in full control what we can definitely do is ‘Control what we eat’ and I see a huge business opportunity here for Mobile Application Developers.


A cross platform application ( Web, Mobile, Tablet ) across all the available mobile Operating System ( IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry ) suggesting meal planner for a month, quarter and even a year. While building this App help can be sought from Dieticians, Doctors ( Specially Nourishment Experts) a meal chart will be prepared based on the geography considering the availability of vegetables and other natural supplements. The entire meal cycle starting from morning breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, supper can be planned as per the regional classification of consumers ( In Maharashtra the planning would be made using Marathi cuisine however in South India the same can be changed to south indian cuisine ) The App will inform the home maker or the lady in charge of the kitchen whats the meal spread planned for next week and what she need to purchase to execute this plan ( Consumables such as vegetables, fruits etc ) Every day the app will give details of the dishes to be made for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the recipes ( Videos explaining the recipe and the preparation ) as well as nutritional details of the dish. While planning the menu care will be taken so that no dish gets repeated at leas t within a month’s time so that there always would be something new to eat each day. Before preparing the meal spread for the family, data related to family members, their age, if any special medical conditions such as diabetes etc can be mentioned so that the meal spread will have something to meet all the demands of each of the family member.

This App can be linked to the Food related blogs, forums and magazines wherein new content about new dishes could be pushed into the App regularly. A value added service such a dietician for consultation can also be made available through special subscription plans. The newly evolving food chains can also offer supply of vegetables at the doorsteps as per the specified meal spread for the week. These are some of the ways how you can monetise this App.

So my Mobile Application developer friends if you are interested to do something like this connect with me and lets make some dent in the universe 

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