Movie Review: A beautiful day in the neighbourhood …..

There is a context to this movie and for Indian audience unless the context is known it will be difficult for them to relate to it. It’s even more important to know the background as we are a country where we have hardly given any importance to children and their feelings and fears and worries.Continue reading “Movie Review: A beautiful day in the neighbourhood …..”

death of an entrepreneur !!!!!

and finally he passed away !!! that was inevitable considering the circumstances and situation around him sooner or later it was to happen rather sooner. Following are snippets of his last few minutes he wanted to share with you all !!! I am just his writer, an intermediary. Please read and reflect and take away somethingContinue reading “death of an entrepreneur !!!!!”

On your first day of College !!!!!!

Dear Son, Its a day of mixed emotions for us, for me and your Mom !!! You would be starting your undergraduate studies in Engineering faculty from today. It is different in many ways compared to all your earlier stages of transition i.e. Playgroup, Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary. During those stages you were kindContinue reading “On your first day of College !!!!!!”

What’s the lesson a start up can draw from Whatsapp acquisition by Facebook !!!

It was not a very bright idea !! a messaging platform for connected phones to communicate with each other and I still remember when I downloaded this app on my phone some four years back I was a bit skeptical to register as it was asking for my phone number  however I did that and startedContinue reading “What’s the lesson a start up can draw from Whatsapp acquisition by Facebook !!!”

A Mobile App which will help you to eat right !!!

So whats the pain area ?? If you are happily married like me for last few years you must be dreading to answer following question every day आज जेवायला काय करू ? translated for my Non Marathi friends What should I cook for the dinner tonight ? in fact it could be one of theContinue reading “A Mobile App which will help you to eat right !!!”

Print Money On Demand !!!!!

Currency note is a vehicle to transport money. When you earn money you are paid in the value equivalent to your efforts. People earn and save money because of the purchasing power it gives to them. Ideally people tend to save money in its transportable form i.e. Currency Notes and such storage of money leadsContinue reading “Print Money On Demand !!!!!”

What would you prefer an Arranged Marriage or a Love Marriage

I am asking this question with specific context and hence staying single wont be an answer  Every grown up Man or Woman decides to get married and find a match to make their life complete then they start family and live their life happily (?) I want to extend this analogy to another important choice weContinue reading “What would you prefer an Arranged Marriage or a Love Marriage”