Entrepreneur is like a movie maker she is also a dream merchant.

She sees the plot first, prepares the screenplay envisions each and every scene of the business venture, casts people (Artists), directs the entire show almost single handedly, sells a dream, touches pain point of her customer emotionally and finally if the venture (Movie) is successful gets minimal credit ( As success has many contributors like investors, employees, customers etc )

However if its a failure gets total credit for it. Once again like a Phoenix she starts preparing for another dream !!!!! 


Movie Review: A beautiful day in the neighbourhood …..

There is a context to this movie and for Indian audience unless the context is known it will be difficult for them to relate to it. It’s even more important to know the background as we are a country where we have hardly given any importance to children and their feelings and fears and worries. Kids are or have been always brushed off by their elders.

There use to be a TV show by the title ‘Mister Roger’s Neighbourhood‘, for toddlers in England. It ran from 1968 to 2001. Mr.Fred Rogers, was the Anchor/Host of this show and almost became a national hero for the way he encouraged children (and adults) to talk and think about their feelings.

The movie is inspired by an article published in Esquire in 1998 about Rogers by Tom Junod.

Matthew Rhys plays the investigative journalist, Lloyed Vogel who’s tasked by his editor to interview Mr.Fred Rogers played by Tom Hanks, for one of the magazine’s series of articles on National Heroes. Lloyed is sceptical about how a host of a children show can be casted as a National Hero, however still he approaches Mr.Rogers for an interview.

Mr.Rogers (Tom Hanks) brilliantly portrays Roger’s innocence at once elderly and childlike his imperviousness to cynicism, his scant gift for sensing people’s unhappiness. There is another track of estranged relationship between Lloyed’s father and him and Mr. Roger strikes the chord or a painful nerve. We shall talk about that later.

Mr.Rogers (Tom Hanks) is playful. full of enthusiasm and is genuienly interested and involved in what he does. When Lloyed (Matthew Rhys) meets Mr.Rogers for the very first time on the set of his show he was talking to a kid fighting with cancer under Make a Wish initiative. Mr.Rogers (Tom Hanks) is so involved in talking to the kid that the production gets delayed by 70 min so it shows the true commitment of Mr.Rogers (Tom Hanks) to his audience and his authenticity.

When Lloyed (Matthew Rhys) asks him about how he feels to be a celebrity Mr.Rogers (Tom Hanks) responds Fame is a four letter word like tape, zoom or face what ultimately matters is what we do it. when asked about what Mr.Rogers is doing with his fame he responds we are trying to give children positive ways to deal with their feelings. The first interview doesn’t yield much for Lloyed however he gets intrigued with the depth in the personality of Mr.Rogers and he starts digging deep. He watches his interviews wherein Mr.Rogers speaks about how important it is to be accepted how one is and not how one will be.

All this starts getting a deeper impact on Lloyed as he is hurt from within due to some traumatic incidents in his childhood when his father had left his ailing and bed ridden mother and his sister. This is deeply rooted in Lloyed’s unconscious mind and there is a wound he has been nursing since then. This hurt results in a brawl and a fist fight with his father in his sister’s marriage.

There are excerpts of interviews given by Mr.Rogers and Lloyed starts watching all of them to a background on Mr.Rogers and he starts rediscovering Mr.Rogers in a true light. There are some very interesting conversations between Mr.Rogers and Lloyed the one in which Lloyed asks about how to deal with pain without hurting oneself ? I believe this is the most important learning for all of us.

There are a couple of scenes worth mentioning. First in the train when the entire bogie full of people sing the title song of Mr.Roger’s show and the second in a restaurant where Mr.Rogers asks Lloyed to thank all the people in his life who loved him into being in one min. The entire restaurant becomes silent for a min as if everyone is thanking all those people who loved them. Mr.Rogers starts looking into the camera, straight to you through his eyes asking you to do the same …. I believe this is the crescendo of the movie and it leaves you with eyeful of tears and an important lesson in gratitude.

Well then movie takes the closure route as Lloyed goes back to his Father and forgives him and all ends well.

The movie makes some very important comments on parenting and how its important to let go of the emotional blockages we may have and how do they stop us from living a normal and stress free life. Bill, the Manager of Mr.Rogers tells Lloyed that Mr.Rogers likes people like Lloyed what he mans by that is people who are broken like Lloyed.

In a way we all are like Lloyed, broken somewhere in the past, in our childhood and not everyone is fortunate to meet Mr.Rogers however through this movie we can find and meet Mr.Rogers and become his neighbour and live in his neighbourhood and let go of all the baggage we have been carrying along with us.

can we ?

death of an entrepreneur !!!!!

and finally he passed away !!! that was inevitable considering the circumstances and situation around him sooner or later it was to happen rather sooner.

Following are snippets of his last few minutes he wanted to share with you all !!! I am just his writer, an intermediary. Please read and reflect and take away something from this tale so that his soul rests in peace !!!!

Actually it was surreal to say that he died because he never lived during his lifetime he was always dying in his incarnation as an entrepreneur.

Since the day he was born ( This is the moment when Entrepreneurship is conceived in one’s mind ) his world was turned upside down, that is since his early days in his undergraduate studies the ‘system’, was plotting against his sheer existence. All the elders tried hard to reprogram his corrupt DNA. They were trying to show him the ‘correct path’ of dutifully serving some govt or semi govt authority where he would get monthly bread and stable job. It was tradition followed by his own clan of diligently and dutifully serving their respective masters without asking foolish questions.

However he proved to be an outlier or should we call him an outcast ? He rebelled and decided to do something he feels passionate about. Rather than getting employed he thought of creating employment, rather than following the status quo he thought of disrupting the same, challenging the same with some fresh ideas. He thought of questioning some ethos forced by his clan on him.

He grew up reading stories of people who invested their lifetimes in inventing things to make this world a better place. Some Edisons, some Wright Brothers, some Schweitzers and some Carvers who who selflessly worked for the betterment of Mankind. Constantly innovating and inventing something so that lives of others become enriched and easy. Money was never a motive for that those entrepreneurs. He was motivated by these stalwarts and wanted to give his best shot in solving comparatively simple problems of homo sepias around him. However later he realised may be he is not resilient enough like his entrepreneurial forefathers, he could not stick to the fight. He also realised that the world around him hasn’t changed a bit. In hindsight one can say that ‘Every Entrepreneur faces the same set of challenges as faced by his predecessors irrespective of the time when he/she is born’.

And now when he is dead, completely surrendered, lost not only all his battles but the entire war he is ready to join the armies of millions who accept the reality and succumb to it. Finally on his deathbed just last night he updated his resume on XXXX job portals, conveyed it to his family members that he is wilfully committing an act of suicide of his entrepreneurial incarnation however while he is still on life support and breathing his last few breathes on ventilator he wishes to give some insights about his own failed journey to all the community of entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneurship is not a child’s play and its not at all glamorous. Its a pretty tough and cruel play. If you are lucky your chances of making it here are 5 %. Dont fall pray to glamorous tales of some Steve and Mark making Billions out of their dorms and garages. The situation is completely different in their country and in ours. Vet your chances purely based on your sustainability even if you have not so bright idea but still if you could sustain you may hit the nail.
  • Never ever ever ever ever start up unless you have cash to sustain for at least 1000 days in your start up. Yes you need at least 1000 days right from your first day out in the wilderness till the day you feel that you are going in the right direction and the chosen enterprise can become successful.
  • Speak to your family especially your spouse, kids and parents whose life depends upon your success or failure and unless they are convinced about your plan and unless you have their willing and voluntary support dont jump inside the well.
  • There are no angels, seed rounds just for a brilliant ‘Idea’, you should be able to create a small however scalable and believable business model so that you can present the same to other stakeholders like co founders, customers, vendors and employees.
  • Always inform those who are investing their time and money in you the huge amount of risk involved in your business. Get their assurance if possible in writing that they understand the risk and are prepared for the outcome whatever it is. You will see all the different colours of these people when you taste even slightest failure and it may not be even be a failure but a small correction in the course but these safe people would never be able to digest it and they will rock the boat.
  • If possible before burning your boat ( Day time job ) gather enough resources and if situation allows start while you are still employed. Dont believe in the bullshit that one can’t give 100 % when he is employed and start up at the same time. These kind of thoughts are good to those who have enough money stashed in their bank account. For an average middle class entrepreneur his personal cash flow is as important as his business cash flow.
  • If possible grow your venture organically and sell to get funded to your customers. There is nothing better than your revenue funding your growth. Dont shop for funding when you dont have either an MVP or POC which is already generating good traction and if you have that you dont need funding. If your business model is strong, idea is path breaking and if your customers are happy with you they will outsell you.

Having said all this let this dying entrepruneur wish all the success and luck to all his fellow clan members, all the entrepreneurs out there. Even if he is dying he would like to send whatever life remaining in him to you all some life lessons he learnt in his small and unsuccessful spell so that you never ever have to die an unfortunate death like his.

He would also like to acknowledge the help and support he received from the family, friends, community and the existence at large

Amen !!!!!!

On your first day of College !!!!!!

Dear Son,

Its a day of mixed emotions for us, for me and your Mom !!!


You would be starting your undergraduate studies in Engineering faculty from today. It is different in many ways compared to all your earlier stages of transition i.e. Playgroup, Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary. During those stages you were kind of dependent on us. I remember your Mom coming with you and sometime I also accompanied you on the very first day to your all previous schools however this time you would be riding your two wheeler all alone to your college and therefore this journey is a bit symbolic; its a journey from dependence to independence.

First of all I would like to appreciate your efforts so far to reach here. It was your dream to become an Engineer and you have lived up to the expectations set by the system to be admitted in one of the best institutes of Engineering in the town. I am confident that you will emerge as a successful Engineer and moreover as a succssful professional, citizen and most importantly a sensual, responsible and caring human being.

Following are few tips I would like to offer to you on this journey. I guess by now as parents our role has changed from being enforcers to being friends and guides and hence these are few suggestions for you to ponder upon.

Its discipline and consistency that matters the most  To achieve success in your professional as well as personal life its really important to be persistent in what you do. I believe a persistent person with even little intelligence can achieve much more than what a brilliant person can achieve with little consistency. I have seen a good amount of consistency in you and you need to hold on to this virtue and keep on practicing it. A disciplined and persistent person always builds trust with the people he connect and is always in high demand in professional as well as personal relationships.


Read, Watch, Listen and observe I could see that by now you have started reading/watching and listening to quiet a lot. Your generation is really lucky to have lots of digital content available like Kindle books, Audiobooks, TED and You Tube which was not available for us when we were growing up. Reading books,
Watching Edutainment or Infotainment content is a very good hobby and you should stick to it always. Make a list of all the books, blogs, articles, movies, e Books, Audiobooks you wish to read/watch/listen to and time it all in your schedule. Consuming this type of enriched content enhances your word power and your ability to understand and use language. It allows you to be in someone else’s shoes and understand the other’s point of view. Be a bit curious while you choose the content, let it be of mixed taste and genera so that you can get the best of all the worlds it means that you must read classics as well as biographies, autobiographies, fiction as well as informative content. You have cultivated a nice habit of documenting your analysis of some of the content you consume. Its indeed a very good habit. It would not only help you to capture the essence of what you have read but give you a good practice of expressing your thoughts in writing. It will help you to improve your comprehension and written communication.

Dont chase Money, chase value or rather an ability to create value  Its good to be passionate about wealth, money as its an enabler. Its a vital resource to live happy and peaceful life however let me caution you that its not the only factor to attain success in one’s life. I would like you to focus more on building capability to create value in whatever you do.

Cash or the bank balance you would earn is a tangible measure of your monetary success however your ability to create value by helping the mankind to progress is an intangible measure however most lasting way to live a happy life. If you could create a monumental value addition in people’s life just like what Google did in search or Facebook did in connecting people or what Steve Jobs did in weaving a beautiful hardware, software and the content eco system the money will follow you. Always keep asking this question whether I am adding any value in the business eco system around me and never be content in this quest of value creation.

Some of the things I am writing now may not make sense to you but believe me if you read this letter again in your journey you will figure out what I meant when you will reach quiet a few turning points in your career.

Prioritise your life  Today I have decided to be a little candid and frank with you about some of the priorities I messed up while I was growing up or of your age. You are mature enough now to put it in the right context and perspective.


We are a product of the decisions or the choices we make and whenever we take decisions there always is enough time for us to think, get the right counsel however very few exercise all this before making some very important decisions in their life. You are in a very fragile age right now physically as well as emotionally. While passing this phase of adolescence the body and mind goes through a huge transformation, chemically as well sentimentally. Besides we read, watch and listen to lots of stories about ‘Love at first sight’, kind of instances. romance is a huge business model for the entertainment industry and they churn out at least few dozen movies based on this theme keeping a target audience of all the teens entering this life stage every year. Slowly and gradually we start believing in whats being bombarded on to us by the movies, songs, TV serials, books and by our friends and we create a fictitious notion of ‘Love’. I am aware that I am treading a very sensitive topic and hence let me be amply clear here that I am not against love. It is a very important binding factor in our life what I am pointing to  is the timing of this in our life and thats where the ‘Prioritisation’, matters most.

At this stage the important priority for you is to secure your professional career and believe me its one of the toughest job in these times and hence I want you to focus just on putting all your efforts, physical as well as mental in acquiring the necessary academic and life skills. All the rest can wait for you on the other shore and believe me the rewards would be much more ‘gratifying’ and worth the ‘patience’, you would exercise 🙂

Our elders have wisely created ‘Four Ashrams’, and for you now its important to live in your first ‘Ashram’, i.e. ‘Brahmacharya’, and work diligently towards acquiring all the knowledge and skills to make your further life better and wiser.

Don’t bother to become ‘Employable’, focus on being ‘Deployable’  While you would be studying in your undergraduate years, you will hear a lot of hub hub about placements, jobs, campus recruitments some impractical stories of campus job offers. Dont ever fail prey to this nonsense. You are not learning to get a job, you are learning so that you can create your own space in this world. While you are working hard on achieving and maintaining your CGPA also start working towards your connect with people. Always try to help others with noble intent, build teams of friends to enjoy the niceties of life if you do that you dont have to work on your so called ‘Team Building Skills’, Most importantly ‘Don’t be evil in whatever you do at the campus. Try to go beyond the books and learn to build things by your hands.


Never lose touch with your ‘self’, always listen to your inner voice Life of your generation is going to be a bit complex and competitive. Its a mad race where you are forced to run against all the odds at times the rules of the game are unjust to you however never ever loose your ‘Integrity’, to attain any short term goal or success. You can be the most trusted friend and ally of yourself and hence never loose your ‘self’. Dont ever hurt people for sadistic pleasure. Always put other’s comfort ahead of yours and if you do this with strong will and pure intent others will also do the same with you. Never cheat, lie and betray anyone especially those who trust you or would trust you with your life.

I could see that after your recent endeavour with one spiritual movement you are getting aligned with your self and have started doing ‘Pranayama’, and ‘Meditation’, never ever loose these two good habits. These habits will keep you grounded to your self and that ‘tiny inner voice’, which you are in the process of discovering right now will always lead you in the right direction.

I can keep writing these sermons on and on however I shall halt here for a while. Lets take this as a beginning of a new relationship amongst us. Now both of us have become ‘seekers’, seekers of life, knowledge and wisdom.

Wish you all the best Son our blessings will stay always with you.

What’s the lesson a start up can draw from Whatsapp acquisition by Facebook !!!


It was not a very bright idea !! a messaging platform for connected phones to communicate with each other and I still remember when I downloaded this app on my phone some four years back I was a bit skeptical to register as it was asking for my phone number  however I did that and started using it to communicate with friends. I believe Whatsapp gathered momentum after 2011 when more and more phone platforms started using whatsapp and people realised the true value of a cross platform communication application. As stated earlier it was not a very tempting idea to begin with, prior to whatsapp there were and even now there are text (SMS) messages to communicate with others however the biggest pain point was the cost of sending text messages. All the Telcos have made Text messages as a milking cow and one was being charged Re1 here for sending a text message till the emergence of internet based messaging platform. So there definitely was a merit in the idea of building a cross platform messaging application and it fortunately coincided with penetration of smartphones !! Such kind of App couldn’t have proved its metal in absence of affordable smartphones and increasing use of internet on them.

What Lessons I would like to draw as an Entrepreneur from this acquisition ?


1. Notice the change in consumer’s usage patters very early: 

Try to understand whats going to be useful to the consumers ? Founders of Whatsapp realised that messaging cross platform is going to grow big and they can do this using Internet. Mind it they may not be the ones who thought it first but they were definitely ones who implemented it first.

2. When you do something which adds immense value to your users you don’t have to invest an iota in market promotions: 

I have never seen any marketing promotion of whatsapp on any platform. It just went viral and spread like a wild fire. Users who started using it clearly understood the importance of the App and they spread it with their families and friends. Whatsapp grew to its present 450 Million user base with a very little expenditure on customer acquisition.

3. Keep it Simple and working !! 

Whatsapp is a very simple application to use, the moment you install it scans all your address book and then shows you who is already using this app. You don’t have to add your friends and then wait till they accept your request. Whatsapp provided platform to share images, photos and videos again with simplicity of use. There were bombastically costly MMSs introduced by all the Telcos however they were very difficult to use so the simplicity of just attaching an image or a video won over the complexity of Telco’s native MMS service. The most important fact is they kept it working even after such a bombastic growth the service hardly failed to deliver.

Value added features like Groups, location sharing, contact sharing:

Whatsapp brought the idea of ‘Groups’, ‘Broadcast Lists’, and brought yet another innovation in messaging, now friends could create their groups and stay in touch ( I am member of a very active group of my X and XII batch mates) groups gave a simplistic approach to stay connected over e mails and text messages. Other features of being able to share location and contacts also added lots of value. Earlier as well one could send address cards however most of the time there were compatibility issues in phone platforms that was resolved by contact sharing in whatsapp.

Forcing you not to change your online status and last seen timestamp:

Some of their features like getting locked into the App and not been able to log off or the last seen timestamp was a little annoying but it helped whatsapp to build their user stickiness. It meant once you are on whatsapp you are forever on whatsapp. Sometimes you need to betray your users by locking them in in a smarter way  

The first mover advantage: 

As I said earlier Whatsapp may not be first cross messaging platform to do think of doing something like this however they did it at a very early stage. This early mover advantage gave them access to untapped urge of users to communicate with each other. This particular aspect reinforced my belief on starting up early even with no perfect product. You can perfect the product later on but you won’t get the early mover advantage if you waited for the product eco system to get better.

Lack of foresight by the competing services:

I remember BBM was considered as one of the USP of Blackberry and at one time youths in India were hooked up to BBM just because of its instant messaging however Blackberry could never think beyond using their platform only for their users. Though did it after a while to salvage however that time it was tool late and whatsapp literally started ruling the cross platform messaging application marketplace. Even Google came out with its google hangout app for other phone platforms however they still needed a google account to communicate which was again a limiting factor. Facebook started their Facebook Messenger service which is also cross platform however they soon realised its tool late for them to make users change their habits.

I am sure with this acquisition Mark Zukerberg has become a ‘Numero Uno’, player in social network and personal messaging space. It would be interesting to see whether he and if yes how does he integrate both these services and whether he keeps Whatsapp ads free ? However at this point in time its one of the important news for all Techies and one of the major acquisition in the history of start ups. The valuation this deal has got of $ 19 Billion will always keep on motivating investors and start ups to work on innovative ideas which can create value for people.

A Mobile App which will help you to eat right !!!

So whats the pain area ??


If you are happily married like me for last few years you must be dreading to answer following question every day आज जेवायला काय करू ? translated for my Non Marathi friends What should I cook for the dinner tonight ? in fact it could be one of the triggers for you know what ?  however when you look at the core issue, the question is really genuine and its really tough to decide what to do every day for the homemaker !! and if she is a working professional then its indeed a huge pain area as she also need to juggle between her work, shopping for vegetables and consumables and still be creative enough to cook something unique everyday. Your family is also made up of diverse tastes and ages wherein your growing son needs food which can nourish his body ( and not just his taste buds  your ageing parents require different kind of food mix and you and your spouse are struggling with the ever increasing kilos and grams which warrants for a balanced diet.


To live a healthy life you need to plan a complete and balanced food intake. Most of us follow the traditional eating habits which are settled in the respective culture based on the respective geographies. Though recently we have started venturing into other food tastes however thats still at a very less frequent behaviour mostly on the weekends or during holidays when we try some Chinese, Italian or continental preparations. We don’t do this on day to day basis and during our routine we stick to our staple food. Our routine food habits had been built over a long period of time based on our life style. If you notice though our staple food contents or ingredients have hardly changed however our life style has seen a huge change in last few decades. These days we don’t do much of physical work our ancestors use to do in the past, now we are more involved in sitting jobs which doesn’t help to burn calories. Our work schedules leave little scope for doing physical exercises which will help burring the extra calories which makes us overweight and invites more health related complications.

Now you know where I am getting at, if we need to continue to live healthily and stay away from any aliments and when exercising is not in full control what we can definitely do is ‘Control what we eat’ and I see a huge business opportunity here for Mobile Application Developers.


A cross platform application ( Web, Mobile, Tablet ) across all the available mobile Operating System ( IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry ) suggesting meal planner for a month, quarter and even a year. While building this App help can be sought from Dieticians, Doctors ( Specially Nourishment Experts) a meal chart will be prepared based on the geography considering the availability of vegetables and other natural supplements. The entire meal cycle starting from morning breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, supper can be planned as per the regional classification of consumers ( In Maharashtra the planning would be made using Marathi cuisine however in South India the same can be changed to south indian cuisine ) The App will inform the home maker or the lady in charge of the kitchen whats the meal spread planned for next week and what she need to purchase to execute this plan ( Consumables such as vegetables, fruits etc ) Every day the app will give details of the dishes to be made for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the recipes ( Videos explaining the recipe and the preparation ) as well as nutritional details of the dish. While planning the menu care will be taken so that no dish gets repeated at leas t within a month’s time so that there always would be something new to eat each day. Before preparing the meal spread for the family, data related to family members, their age, if any special medical conditions such as diabetes etc can be mentioned so that the meal spread will have something to meet all the demands of each of the family member.

This App can be linked to the Food related blogs, forums and magazines wherein new content about new dishes could be pushed into the App regularly. A value added service such a dietician for consultation can also be made available through special subscription plans. The newly evolving food chains can also offer supply of vegetables at the doorsteps as per the specified meal spread for the week. These are some of the ways how you can monetise this App.

So my Mobile Application developer friends if you are interested to do something like this connect with me and lets make some dent in the universe 

Print Money On Demand !!!!!

Currency Notes

Currency note is a vehicle to transport money. When you earn money you are paid in the value equivalent to your efforts. People earn and save money because of the purchasing power it gives to them. Ideally people tend to save money in its transportable form i.e. Currency Notes and such storage of money leads to generation of black money and all its related perils. I have an idea here and its a very crazy or insane idea. Lets alter the ability of the currency notes to hold wealth them. Let me explain this. First measure is to make all the transactions paperless I mean people will use plastic money like debit cards or online money transfers or transfers using IMPS platform where paper money is not needed, you will say whats new in this idea many people are suggesting this since ages however there is a catch in this arrangement which is you can’t absolutely reduce or diminish the use of paper currency, its not possible and feasible. What you can do and thats where my idea comes into play


Print money as per the need with an expiry date clearly printed on it. These money printing machines can be tailored to fit into the Automated Teller Machines and when you would go there and insert your debit card and request for an amount the ATM machine will connect with the central server of your bank where you have an account and confirm whether you have balance to demand the withdrawal once your bank confirms and debits this amount to your account then the ATM machine will connect with the RBI servers and will get authorisation to print the currency using inbuilt printer. The money dispensed will have the date and time of printing the money and the expiry date of the notes. Now the person who is withdrawing money is taking out for some transaction so he will take the cash to the merchant or service provider to buy some products or services. The seller will take these currency notes by checking the expiry date and will deposit this money back to the bank. Once the money comes back to the bank, they will check the expiry date on the money and once found it to be legitimate bank will credit the depositor’s account and shreds the money. The same currency note won’t stay in circulation.

If this system is implemented people wont be able to store money in paper currency format anymore and whenever they demand money they will have to go to bank or ATM machines where the money will be printed for them. Once the transaction is complete the same money will either be destroyed ( Once it is deposited by someone who had traded his products and services to his own account in lieu of this money ) or unused money will expire in its value after certain time frame and the person who withdrew money originally his account would be credited for the difference of the amount.


  • No black money will ever be generated as each and every currency note would be accounted for and if not used will lose its value.
  • Each and every rupee generated will be accounted for and therefore government will be able to collect its taxes.
  • If all eligible pay their taxes the overall tariff of taxation will fall down and you may end up paying only 2 % to 3 % in taxes.

As I said its very insane Idea but would love to know your take on this …..

What would you prefer an Arranged Marriage or a Love Marriage

I am asking this question with specific context and hence staying single wont be an answer  Every grown up Man or Woman decides to get married and find a match to make their life complete then they start family and live their life happily (?) I want to extend this analogy to another important choice we make in our life and that choice is about our profession, about our career. So let me ask the question once again in the newer context, would you prefer an arrange marriage ( Employment ) or love marriage ( Entrepreneurial venture ) Most of the parents at least of my generation were never comfortable with the love marriages I mean let it be in the literal sense or in the symbolic meaning the term used here that is starting an Entrepreneurial venture ( Love Marriage)  or a finding a job ( Arranged Marriage)  they always wished their Boy or Girl must

study hard, pick up all the good traits of the clan and safely marry a nice Girl or Boy well in time and that too from the same religion, caste or creed to extend this corollary get employed with an established employer which is considered as a safe bait. I have seen in my generation kids of doctors becoming doctors and kinds of lawyers becoming lawyers and the same goes with typical middle class families wherein kinds of LDCs ( Lower Divisional Clerck ) becoming LDCs and the kids of Bank Clerk becoming Bank Clerks. Business was always considered as something risky was not preferred by middle class career aspiring youth. Govt of Bank employees or teachers were used to get considered as golden goose by the fathers of marriage ready daughters. Please evaluate an attempt made by me to understand the deemed relationship between marriages and careers.

Arranged Marriage / Employment Love Marriage/ Entrepreneurship 
Normally decided by parents wherein the Boy/Girl concerned don’t have any say Initiated by courageous & rebellious kids who wanted to do something different than the conventional. 
Supported by Family and Friends Most of the time not supported by family and friends  
When marriage/employment receives turbulence family readily supports as they feel its their responsibility to help Often sidelined by family and relatives during troubled waters as they feel that one must face the consequences of choosing a different path   
Largely successful or at least deemed to be successful as most of the time hollow or broken marriages and dissatisfied employees just pull on considering what they are getting is their fate  Whatever happens the result is wide visible. People don’t hide their failures and those who make it really make it big.

By the way I am not implying here that one marriage or one type of livelihood is more valuable than the other  what I am simply trying to say is we need both kind of marriages and livelihoods to keep our society and country ticking. We need entrepreneurs or love birds who keeps on taking risks and making our life better by their enterprises and their start up ventures and we also need all those arranged marriages wherein there would be stability and constant supply of workforce to the entrepreneurial engine.