I don’t really remember when I started writing. Have never planned it. It just happened. These are some of the thoughts crossed my mind while watching, observing and living life. Some may have context however even if one does not know the context one can find the underlying meaning.

Do let me know what you think !!!!

Entrepreneur is like a movie maker she is also a dream merchant.

She sees the plot first, prepares the screenplay envisions each and every scene of the business venture, casts people (Artists), directs the entire show almost single handedly, sells a dream, touches pain point of her customer emotionally and finally if the venture (Movie) is successful gets minimal credit ( As success has many contributors like investors, employees, customers etc )

however if its a failure gets total credit for it.

Once again like a Phoenix she starts preparing for another dream !!!!! 


If you are not paying for it then you are being sold 


It’s ok to be alone at times but never become lonely 


Don’t ever play game of chess with destiny it has a habit of turning the table on you. 


If one can’t live happily with oneself he cant live happily with others 


सिटीबस सारख डोक्याला पण दोन दरवाजे करावं म्हणतोय म्हणजे एका दारातून विचार आत जातील आणि दुसऱ्यातून बाहेर म्हणजे विचारकोंडी तरी होणार नाही Thinking of making two doors to my mind one to enter the thought in and other to exit so as to avoid thought jam 


मनाच्या अवती भोवती बाऊन्सर्स नेमणे आहे. Want to appoint bouncers to keep a watch on my mind and protect it from negativity all around 


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